Grant History – Schools Program

In recognition of Brian Todd’s lifelong passion for a career in education, the Board of Directors of the Brian Todd Memorial Community Fund established a separate Schools Program in 2018. Each year, grants are awarded to all four public schools in Brighton—Smithfield Public School, Spring Valley Public School, Brighton Public School, and East Northumberland Secondary School.

These grants provide students with an opportunity to identify, select, manage and complete a project that will enhance the experience for students that follow them in subsequent years. Emphasis is placed on projects that are student-driven, and which closely align with the objectives of the Brian Todd Memorial Community Fund.


Because of the ongoing impact of COVID-19 on school activities, the Brian Todd Memorial Community Fund did not award annual grants to Brighton schools. Instead, it had provided face masks with each school’s mascot printed on the front. A total of 705 masks were given to all elementary school students attending Brighton, Smithfield and Spring Valley Public Schools.

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School Breakfast/Nutritional Programs – $2,000

To ensure that no students in any of our public schools go without a nutritional break, a $500 grant was provided to each of our local public schools – Brighton PS., Smithfield PS., Spring Valley PS., and ENSS.


$6,000 in grants awarded

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Brighton Public School – $1,000

This grant will be used to purchase drama rights and scripts, set pieces and costumes to support the school’s drama production activities.

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Spring Valley Public School – $1,000

This grant supported the purchase of portable outdoor soccer and volleyball nets.

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Smithfield Public School – $1,000

This grant will support the purchase of a “willow tunnel” as part of an overall playground enhancement initiative.

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East Northumberland Secondary School – $3,000

A $2,000 grant was awarded to support the purchase of back panels for the stage that serve as a concealment for the pit band during drama performances.

A $1,000 grant was awarded to support the purchase of “throwing implements” ( shot put, discus, javelin ) for student track and field athletes.

BTMCF throwing implements


$6,000 in grants awarded

Smithfield Public School – $1,000

9A class set of bucket drums were purchased with this grant. They are available to all students, but are specifically encouraged for students facing difficulty focusing. Researchers link the ability to keep a beat  to reading and language skills. “Our students will benefit from having some instrumental experience before heading off to ENSS.” ( Lisa White, Principal)

Brighton Public School – $1,000


Multiple sets of outdoor games ( Kan-Jam game sets ) and indoor games ( chess sets ) will be purchased with this grant, to provide opportunities for structured play experiences .

Spring Valley Public School – $1,000

The grant is being used to purchase a Sun Shade Sail.  These sails will be used to provide shade for outside activities and events, including outdoor classes. “ We have very little shade in our schoolyard, and it is difficult to be outside as the temperature rises”. ( Derek Pemberton, Teacher )

East Northumberland Secondary School – $1,000

This grant is being used to update the collection of sports photographs  in the Terry Fox foyer. Photographs of athletic achievement by individual students and teams will be displayed in custom frames and mounted on an enlarged wall space to showcase the many successes of past, present and future ENSS students.

East Northumberland Secondary School – $1,000


This grant was used to purchase a high-quality, durable ping pong table. “Playing recreational table tennis provides a social outlet for many students and contributes to building communication and social skills.” ( Aidan Hussey, Deputy Prime Minister, ENSS )

East Northumberland Secondary School – $1,000

This grant will be used to support the construction of a memorial walkway at the entrance of the school. “The ENSS Walkway/Garden of Hope will honour school and community members affected by cancer and provide a symbol of hope that cancer will one day be cured. Each brick will have a story behind it, of someone who fell victim to the disease or is a cancer survivor. The walkway/garden will create a story and a timeless legacy at ENSS.” ( Nancy Wilson, Teacher/Project Advisor)


$5,250 in grants awarded

East Northumberland Secondary School  (Brighton Leo’s) – $1,000

With this initial grant, the Leo’s Club ( the youth arm of Brighton Lions) will embark on refurbishing the school’s inner courtyard, installing picnic tables, weeding and re-planting flowerbeds and overall general cleanup. “When completed, it will provide a place for staff and students to eat lunch, provide outdoor classroom opportunities, and create a calm place for anybody to go and enjoy outdoors.” (Sarah Pennington, Leo’s President)

East Northumberland Secondary School – Indigenous Wall Mural– $1,250

Working with ENSS art students, Indigenous artist A.J. Vandrie instructed students in the painting of a wall mural that depicts the 7 Sacred Teachings of our Indigenous/First Nations peoples. This mural will be prominently displayed in the ENSS library.


Spring Valley Public School– $1,000

This grant will be used to purchase a portable sound system for use in school assemblies, music, drama and dance classes and special events. “This project touches everyone in our school community and will benefit all of us.” (Derek Pemberton, Teacher)

Brighton Public School– $1,000

This grant will be used to purchase filaments for 3D printers and other computer components related to 3D printing technology. “It will break down the steps of computer coding into simple steps and allow students to feel a sense of accomplishment in producing from scratch 3D-generated key chains as gifts to school volunteers.” (Todd Norris, Teacher)

Smithfield Public School– $1,000

This grant will be used to purchase a new soundboard, cables and microphones to enhance the quality of the students’ musical and drama productions. “ The students at Smithfield Public School love music and it shows !” (Andrea Kritzer, Teacher)


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