Grant History – General Program

As we continue to give back to the many local organizations that improve our community, the Board of Directors of the Brian Todd Memorial Community Fund reflect on our past partnerships, donations and community projects. 

“We are proud that we can give back to a Brighton community that was so giving to us when we were striving to create the Brighton Health Services Centre. The ongoing health and wellness of our citizens is, and will continue to be, the primary objective of this Board.”

 Brian Todd, Founding Chair, 2002 – 2011

“Awarding these grants to local organizations helps us to deliver on the BHSC’s original objective – to provide primary and related health services to the residents of Brighton and its surrounding area. Being in a position to provide this support gives the Directors of the Brighton Health Services Centre their greatest joy.”

Gerald Draaistra, Chair, 2011 – 2017 

“In the past, our Board has focused on organizations that support health promotion. With our expanded government-approved mandate, we can now take a holistic approach and support a broader range of community development initiatives. Being the first Chair of the Brian Todd Memorial Community Fund is one of the most satisfying things I have ever done.”

Judie Mortlock, Chair 2017 – Present


$23,250 in general grants awarded

The Bridge Hospice – $2,250

A commode chair and bedside commodes were purchased with this grant. “The commode chair makes it so much easier and safer when transferring a resident from a bed to a shower and back again.” -Becky Marskell, RN, Clinical Lead

YMCA Northumberland (Brighton Branch) – $2,500

“Renewed supplies of yoga mats, free weights, bands and balls will ensure the delivery of continued quality programs, and the expansion of these programs to larger class sizes. Thank you Brian Todd Memorial Community Fund for your continued support in this, our 20th year in Brighton”.  -Eunice Kirkpatrick, Chief Executive Officer, YMCA Northumberland

Campbellford Memorial Hospital Foundation – $5,000

This grant is being made in the early days of CMH’s CT Scanner Replacement Campaign. “After 13 years, the current CT Scanner is aging and desperately needs to be replaced. This support will allow Campbellford Memorial Hospital to maintain the best possible diagnostic imaging technology in our large service area.” -Colleen Smith, Manager Diagnostic Imaging

Helping Ukrainians Get Settled in Brighton (HUGS) – $2,500

“As the Ukrainian crisis continues, there is an ongoing need to provide a safe, healthy and secure environment for our new Brighton residents, and to enhance their lives through community activities and support. This grant will go a long way in helping us to achieve that objective.” -Reverend Wanda Stride, HUGS Chair

Alzheimer Society Hastings-Prince Edward – $1,000

“We are so grateful for the support of the Brian Todd Memorial Community Fund. This grant will aid us in promoting and expanding our support groups and services in the Brighton area.” -Amelia Huffman, Communications Coordinator 

Brighton Digital Archives – $2,000

To ensure that BDA can continue its important work of capturing Brighton’s history in digital format, this grant will enable Brighton Digital Archives to purchase enhanced scanning and videography equipment. “Your help will ensure that the stories and history of Brighton is preserved for future generations.” -Beth Bruder, BDA Chair

Trenton Memorial Hospital Foundation – $5,000

A patient transport stretcher will be purchased with this grant. “Transport stretchers are used daily here at Trenton Memorial Hospital to safely transfer patients in and out of bed to onsite tests and appointments,” says Danielle Vance, Manager of Patient Services. “Thank you so much for everything the Brian Todd Memorial Community Fund does for our hospital.”

Supper’s Ready, Trinity-St. Andrew’s United Church – $3,000

Supper’s Ready has been providing weekly free meals to those who need them for the past ten years. This grant has enabled them to purchase a commercial grade freezer to improve food storage and safety, and to allow them to take advantage of better bulk pricing opportunities as they arise.


$25,450 in general grants awarded

Campbellford Memorial Hospital Foundation – $5,000

This grant supported the hospital’s purchase of a Haematology Analyzer, a critical piece of diagnostic equipment used in the testing of blood ( eg. blood count, red/white blood cell differentiation, platelet counts ).  Almost every patient that presents to the CMH Emergency Department or In-patient floor has a Complete Blood Count ( CBC ) performed.

Haematology Analyzer

Codrington Community Centre – $5,000

A large wooden events sign in front of the Codrington Community Centre was destroyed by a heavy windstorm in the fall of 2020. This grant supported its replacement with an electronic sign that was erected in the fall of 2022.

Brighton Digital Archives – $3,150

“When we lose an elder, a library is lost, and volumes of wisdom and knowledge are gone”, says Catherine Stutt, a member of Brighton Digital Archives, a group of dedicated volunteers who are committed to collecting and recording photographs and documents relevant to the history of Brighton. This grant supported the purchase of a high quality digital scanner and enhanced recording equipment to better collect and preserve the stories those elders’ stories.

Brighton Auxiliary Rescue Unit – $4,300

This grant was used to purchase safety equipment for the Search and Rescue vessel and the volunteers who operate it. Included in these purchases were immersion rescue suits that will enable BARU’s members to perform rescue operations in freezing waters should it be required.

BARU # 1

Gift From the Heart – $5,000

This charity connects oral health care professionals to vulnerable individuals who encounter barriers in accessing essential oral health care. It accomplishes this by using refitted ambulances that travel to communities to provide free preventive care ( teeth cleanings, oral cancer screening, oral wellness exams ). This grant is supporting the purchase of an Outreach Mobile Dental Centre which, when in operation, will be able to provide a broader scope of dental services to Brighton’s disadvantaged population.

Gift from the Heart # 3

Brighton Public Library – $3,000

As part of the Children’s Library Enhancement project, sensory wall panels were purchased with this grant. “By adding these sensory panels to our Children’s Library, we are enhancing our space with tactile, auditory and visual elements,” says Library CEO, Heather Ratz. “ By engaging with the interactive panels, children in our community will improve dexterity, learn problem solving, spatial planning and sequencing, all while having fun.”

Library # 1



$53,000 in general grants awarded

Physician Recruitment – $20,000



Brighton, ON, November 15th, 2021 – Today, at a presentation held in front of the Brighton Health Services Centre, members of the Brian Todd Memorial Community Fund presented a cheque in the amount of $20,000 to the Docs by the Bay Physician Recruitment and Retention program.  This one-time grant will allow Docs by the Bay to increase exposure of the Brighton community and its physician opportunities through the expansion of advertising campaigns, and attendance and sponsorships of medical school career days.

On this date , twenty years ago, the Brighton Health Services Centre held its inaugural Board meeting.  That Board, under the Chairmanship of Brian Todd, had one goal, and one goal only – to attract family physicians to Brighton. It would achieve that goal, the Board stated, not by providing financial incentives to physicians, but rather by creating a facility in Brighton that would accommodate five family physicians and their support staff. Currently, there are four physicians and one nurse practitioner, working in the Brighton Health Services Centre, the former Creekside Banquet Hall at 170 Main Street. With the recent expansion of the building by the Municipality, there is room to accommodate more physicians.

In making the announcement today, Judie Mortlock, Chair of the Brian Todd Memorial Community Fund remarked, “ In recognition of the 20thanniversary of our physician recruitment initiative, and in memory of our dear friend Brian Todd, we are pleased to present a grant of $20,000 to Docs by the Bay. We hope that this will enhance the chances for success in attracting physicians to Brighton.”

“We are truly grateful to Brian Todd Memorial Community Fund for this very generous gift,” said Aleesha Camp, Chair of Docs by the Bay.  “Their commitment to Physician Recruitment in Brighton is reflected in their recognition of our program’s efforts to attract more family doctors to the community,” she said.

Over the past 2 years, Docs by the Bay has achieved success in Brighton, including the recruitment of 1 new physician who joined the Lakeview Family Health Team in the BHSC, as well as the recruitment of 1 new physician who has assumed the practice of retired physician Dr. Arlene McIntyre.  “We know that we still have work to do to bring more family physicians to Brighton,” remarked Paula Mason, Manager of Physician Recruitment and Retention at Docs by the Bay. “This most generous contribution from the BTMCF, will allow us to expand our reach to physician prospects through enhanced marketing and promotional campaigns, specific to the community,” she said.    

Brighton residents with knowledge of students, residents or physicians who may be interested in learning more about practice opportunities in the community, are encouraged to contact Paula Mason, at  Docs by the Bay also tracks high school students interested in a career in medicine and includes them in their annual “Med School 101” Session which provide more students with more information on the path to becoming a physician. 


For more information about the Brian Todd Memorial Community Fund, go to its website

For more information about local physician recruitment activities, contact Paula Mason at 613-392-2540 Ext.5771.

Docs by the Bay

Left to Right: Paula Mason (Docs by the Bay), Ron Anderson ( Brighton Councillor),
John Smiley (TMH Foundation), Judie Mortlock, Chair BTMCF

YMCA Northumberland Summer Day Camp – $2,000

“Summer Day Camp offers new experiences, skill building, a sense of community and lasting friendships. Thank you to the Brian Todd Memorial Community Fund for your ongoing support and investment in the health and wellness of our children.” ( Eunice Kirkpatrick, CEO YMCA Northumberland )

Community Care Northumberland – $5000

“Our Meals on Wheels Program has been vital to the lives of our clients throughout the pandemic. In the past year, we have provided 8,632 meals to our Brighton clients with the support of 45 wonderful volunteers who aided in meal preparation and delivery.” ( Lynda Kay, CCN Communications Director)

Community Care

The Bridge Hospice – $2000

This grant, in partnership with the Campbellford-Seymour Community Foundation is being used to develop and deliver a grief training curriculum for Hospice staff and volunteers. “By educating our volunteers and care staff , we can ensure that people who are struggling can be heard, supported, and connected, and take the first steps toward re-engaging with the community. Grief and bereavement supports are needed now more than ever.” ( Dave Burnham, TBH Board Chair )

Friends of Presqu’ile – $4000

This grant supported the purchase of video equipment used in the production of a series of elementary school curriculum-related videos. These videos are focused on the biodiversity of Presqu’ile Park and will be promoted to local school boards and educators. ( The staffing costs of a Project Coordinator and Videographer were covered by a federal Canada Summer Jobs Grant )

Friends of Presquile

Trenton Memorial Hospital Foundation – $5000

This grant was used to purchase much-needed personal protective equipment for TMH staff. “It is our goal to ensure our front line staff are kept safe from COVID as well as those vulnerable patients and visitors that needs the care, diagnosis and treatment from our dedicated professional TMH staff.” ( Wendy Warner, TMH Foundation Executive Director )


Campbellford Memorial Hospital Foundation – $5000

“We couldn’t meet in person this year, but that didn’t stop the Brian Todd Memorial Community Fund from supporting our and many other local organizations. The CMH Foundation was honoured to receive a $5,000 gift in support of the hospital’s need for a new Cardiac Telemetry Monitoring System. Thank you for extending a caring hand !” ( John Russell, Executive Director, CMH Foundation )

Brighton Skate Park Committee – $5000

The Brian Todd Memorial Community Fund has put the final touches on the recently refurbished skateboard park. This grant was used to provide a shaded cover and accessible table for much-needed space for parents and skateboarders to get out of the sun.


Sunny Days Group Program – $5000

This grant allows us to provide opportunities for adults with different developmental challenges to experience activities that most others take for granted – trips to a sugar bush, horseback riding, theater outings, farm visits, city trips and much more. Their lives are greatly enhanced through these life experiences. Thanks to the Brian Todd Memorial Community Fund for its continued support.” ( Deanna Opsteen, Program Coordinator )



$45,500 in general grants awarded

Sunny Days Group Program – $2,500

This grant will provide opportunities for adults with different developmental challenges to experience activities that most of us take for granted–trips to a sugar bush, horseback riding, theatre outings, farm visits, city trips, and much more. “Working with these individuals is indeed an enriching experience for all.” (Joann Dunkley, Donna Opsteen, Program Coordinators)

Supper’s Ready – $2,500

This grant will help to off-set the costs of prepared meals that are provided to members of the Brighton community every Wednesday evening from September to June. Many attendees are single, or elderly seniors who may not have regular access to fresh and nutritious meal. For many, this outing is their “going out for supper treat.”

Victorian Order of Nurses – $2,500

This grant will be used to support the VON’s Adult Day Program, held three days a week for Brighton seniors that require supervised care during the day. The program provides the caregiver much needed respite from their caregiving duties, allowing them time to take care of errands, rest, or work, knowing that their loved one is in a safe place.

Trenton Memorial Hospital Foundation – $5,000

This grant was made to support the purchase of new operating room lights for the Ophthalmology Suite. ( more than 100 Brighton residents had cataract surgery at TMH in the past 12 months )

Screen Shot 2020-08-19 at 9.45.17 AM

Brighton Auxiliary Rescue Unit – $5,000

This grant was used to support the purchase of a replacement rescue vessel. ( Since it began operations in 2009, the Brighton Auxiliary Rescue Unit, run entirely by trained volunteers, has been called out over 100 times to assist boaters in distress, two of which have directly resulted in the saving of lives .)

Quinte Sailability – $500

Quinte Sailability is a sailing school for persons with a physical or intellectual disability. A $500 grant will be used to enhance the school’s public information outreach resources to shed more light on the value and importance of this charity to the general public. “Success in sailing encourages people with disabilities to set more ambitious goals for their sport and their life.” ( Anne Freeland, Board Chair )

Campbellford Memorial Hospital Foundation – $14,000

Screen Shot 2020-08-19 at 9.49.51 AM

Support for CMH was made in the form of two grants in 2020. The first grant of $9,000 was made in response to the hospital’s request for equipment to support its COVID – 19 readiness actions – PPE dispensers, a patient  lift, and respirator adaptor equipment. The second grant of $5,000 supported the hospital’s digital x-ray replacement fund-raising initiative.

Community Care Northumberland – $5,000

The Brighton office of Community Care Northumberland provides community and social services to seniors, adults with disabilities, hospice clients and their families, and those recovering from illness or injury. This grant was made in support of this organization’s many programs.

Brighton and District Minor Hockey Association – $2,500

“ The costs of registration and equipment can be an insurmountable barrier for some hockey players, aged 3 to 18. But, through our Initiation Program ( IP ) we are able to reduce costs in a targeted way, to remove these barriers for those participants who need it “ ( Cindie Evans, BDMHA Registrar ). This grant was awarded in support of this IP Program.

The Bridge Hospice – $5,000

“Our hospice has a strong tradition of serving the Brighton community. In the past three years, we have provided almost 700 days of care to Brighton residents.” ( Kerri-Anne Kidd, RN, Executive Director ). This grant supported the purchase of HVAC enhancements  for this three-bed hospice.

Screen Shot 2020-08-19 at 9.54.33 AM

ENSS Garden of Hope – $1,000

This student-driven initiative honours school and community members affected by cancer and provides a symbol of hope that cancer will one day be beaten. In recognition of the late Brian Todd – a former Principal of ENSS and a victim of cancer, a grant of $1,000 was made in 2020 to support this project ( $1,000 was also donated by the Fund in 2019 ).




Picture 1
                       Photo courtesy of Alicia Vandine.

At its 2019 grants presentation event, the Brian Todd Memorial Community Fund awarded 18 individual grants totalling $50,800 to local organizations and schools. Board Chair Judie Mortlock, ( second from left) presented the ceremonial cheque to Brighton’s Mayor Brian Ostrander, and to Brian Todd’s grandson Asher and wife Gail.

$44,800 in general grants awarded

Community Care – Meals on Wheels Program – $4,000

Picture 2

 “By having a hot, homemade, nutritious meal delivered to a client’s home, we are helping not only the client, but also the families of these people who know that their loved one is eating well and is also being checked on to ensure their safety.”  (Lieann Peart, Program Coordinator)

Supper’s Ready – $2,500

“This grant will be used to purchase supplies and equipment needed for our volunteers to serve a free, wholesome meal to 100 or more Brighton residents each week.” (Janet Enns, Program  Coordinator)

Brighton Fare Share – $2,000

Picture 3

“Our organization helps to alleviate hunger in our community, as we recognize that some in our community have trouble putting food on their table. With this grant, we will purchase two chest freezers to ensure adequate and dependable storage for our frozen foods.” ( Emily Rowley, volunteer)

Victorian Order of Nurses – $3,500

“Caregiver support is an identified need – it can be a full-time job. Our Brighton Adult Day Program provides respite  to those caregivers, giving them time to themselves to perform other household duties, work, or get some rest. This grant ensures that VON can continue this much-appreciated  Program.” ( Julia Gosson, VON )

The Bridge Hospice – $5,000

“This grant will allow us to replace aging and well-worn appliances with new, large-capacity and energy-efficient units. For loved ones, this means a significant upgrade to our kitchen for family meal preparation and sharing – such a source of comfort in the hospice experience. For our residents, this grant facilitates a more effective laundry area that takes the noise of busy appliances out of earshot. For our volunteers and staff, this grant will help them keep pace with ever-growing household chores that result from increased occupancy.”( Keri-Anne Wilson, Director)

Brighton Digital Archives – $1,000

Picture 4

“Our mission is to preserve and share , in digital format, historic documents, photos and stories related to Brighton. This grant will be used to purchase  lighting equipment, allowing us to produce high quality videos in the comfort of our story-teller’s home “ ( Dennis Fletcher, Committee member)

Beacon Youth Centre – $1,200

This grant supports  a speaker series called “Internet Sense”, a presentation geared to parents and caregivers on the topic of Internet child exploitation and predator behavior. “Too many instances of youthful “friendship” over the Internet have bad endings”, according to speaker Charlene Doak-Gebauer.

“Brian Todd Memorial Community Fund grants allow us to do extra initiatives such as this in our community”. ( Rene Schmidt, Volunteer )

Beacon Youth Centre – $1,600

Picture 5

The mission of the Beacon Youth Centre is to provide a safe haven and a kid-friendly drop-in for Brighton youth. It operates daily throughout the school year, and on a limited basis through the summer months.  This grant enables  the Centre to operate twice a week throughout the summer, providing resources for a part-time youth supervisor and an adult volunteer.

Trenton Hospital Foundation – $5,000 

Campbellford Hospital Foundation – $5,000

Picture 6

Both hospitals are replacing their inventory of IV pumps to meet accreditation standards. “IV pumps are essential to patient care at both hospitals. Without these pumps, the hospital staff cannot provide the medicine needed to save someone’s life.” ( John Russell, Wendy Warner, Foundation Executive Directors)

Holy Angels Catholic Church – $2,000


This grant will be used to purchase and install an automatic defibrillator ( AED ), a device that has been proven to be an effective first response for heart attack victims. “This equipment will enhance the safety of community members attending events in the church and church hall.”   ( Reverend Father Christopher Reynolds )

Brighton Auxiliary Rescue Unit # 515 – $2,000

This grant supported the purchase of underwater scanning equipment that will enhance search and rescue capabilities of this all-volunteer organization.

Brighton Community Policing – $10,000


Joining other sponsoring organizations, this grant made it possible for Brighton Community Policing to purchase a Distracted Driving Simulator that will provide hands-on driver safety training – provided by OPP officers and auxiliary police – at all County high schools. Distracted driving is the leading cause of traffic accidents and fatalities, even more so than impaired driving.  “On behalf of the unknown lives that you are going to save with this initiative, thank you.” ( OPP Traffic Sergeant Mark Collins )


$44,750 in grants awarded

Group 2018.jpg
The 2018 grant recipients at the 2018 Brian Todd Memorial Community Fund Annual General Meeting.

Sunny Days Group– $2,500

This grant will support day program activities for individuals with special needs. “It gives them a “purpose and belonging” to the Brighton community”.(Rick Chapman, Director )

Supper’s Ready– $2,500

Supper’s Ready provides free nutritious meals to people who are struggling financially; people who live alone and would like to share a meal with others; people who suffer from mental, physical or emotional disabilities; people in search of a safe community and friends. “The grant from the Brian Todd Memorial Community Fund allows us to focus on food instead of funding.” (Christine Hammond, volunteer)

Brighton Army Cadets– $500

“Arguably the best youth program in Canada, cadet training emphasizes fitness, team building, cooperation and fun in a collegial environment. This grant will support incremental training experiences not covered by government funding.” ( Tracy Pope, Chair, Support Committee)

Beacon Youth Centre– $2,250

“Thanks to this grant, the Beacon Youth Centre will have a safe and kid-friendly evening program two nights a week this summer. All of Brighton benefits when our youth are in a supportive and trustworthy environment”. (Rene Schmidt, volunteer)


Trinity-St. Andrews Church– $2,500

This grant will support the purchase and installation of an audio-visual system for the church’s Community Hall, a facility that is used by many support groups within the Brighton community.

Victorian Order of Nurses– $3,500

“VON’s Adult Day Program provides respite for caregivers and supports client health, ability and independence. It provides an opportunity for the frail, elderly, disabled and cognitively impaired to make friends and feel included in society. This grant goes a long way to making this weekly program sustainable.” (Julia Gosson, Manager of Fund Development)

Trenton Memorial Hospital Foundation– $6,500

“This grant will support the purchase of a new CT Scanner for TMH. CT scans allow for early detection of disease and injury, resulting in early detection and treatment. Such early detection can mean the difference between life and death. CT Scanners save lives. This grant is saving lives.” (Wendy Warner, Executive Director, TMH Foundation)

Friends of Presqu’ile– $1,000

This grants supports our Kids ‘n Nature Program. This program combines professionally developed biodiversity curriculum delivered in classrooms with hands-on experiences within Presqu’ile Provincial Park. It integrates classroom learning, in-nature experiences , and face-to-face interpretation opportunities to create a deep appreciation for the joy, value and responsibility that is Presqu’ile Provincial Park and our environment.” (Janine McClintock, Chair Education and Interpretation)


Campbellford Memorial Hospital Foundation– $6,500

This grant supports the purchase of a portable ventilator, which is used to move breathable air into and out of the lungs of a patient who is unable to breathe, or to breathe sufficiently on their own. “Having this portable ventilator available allows CMH staff to respond quickly when this equipment is needed in any part of the hospital.” (Mike Latham, Respiratory Therapist, CMH )

Brian Todd Memorial Community Fund Grant 2018-page-001

Community Care Northumberland– $3,000

This grant supports CCN’s Meals on Wheels Program. “Having Meals on Wheels delivered to your home not only benefits the client nutritionally and socially, it also provides reassurance for their families knowing that their loved one is eating well and is being checked up on regularly.” ( Leiann Peart, Program Coordinator )

Quinte Sailability– $1,000

This grant will support the purchase of new adult and children’s life jackets for use by persons with a physical or intellectual disability in the organization’s sailing program. “Sailing independently has enormous benefits for people with disabilities, developing one’s strength, balance and endurance. We offer the freedom and challenge of sailing to many people in our community who benefit so much from it.” ( Dennis Fletcher, Founder and President)


Municipality of Brighton – Gazebo Replacement Project– $10,000

“This grant, supported by other generous donations from other community organizations, will allow for the construction of a barrier-free stage and public washrooms in Memorial Park. This structure will greatly enhance and support recreational and cultural activities in the downtown core.” (Jim Millar, Director of Parks and Recreation)

Municipality of Brighton – Skateboard Park Refurbishment– $2,500

This grant will be used to support the design phase for a refurbished skateboard park. We will be working with local youth to come up with a design that will expand the current park and allow it to be used, not only by skateboarders, but by BMX and scooter riders as well. Thanks to the Brian Todd Memorial Community Fund for this great show of support.” (Tania Light, Project Chair)

Codrington Farmers’ Market– $500

This grant will be used to advertise and promote a Health Fair to run concurrently with the high-traffic Farmers’ Market. An inaugural fair was held in 2017 and was very successful. With this grant, awareness of the fair will be heightened and should result in higher attendance levels in 2018.


$78,915 in grants awarded

Bridge Hospice – $2,500

Shed Build

This grant enabled this organization to purchase a storage shed “to meet the growing waste and recycling storage needs due to increased occupancy rates at the hospice.” (Kerri-Anne Wilson, Director, Clinical Services and Operations).

Community Care – $2,000

This grant reflected the continuing support of the Brian Todd Memorial Community Fund for this organization’s Meals on Wheels Program.

Campbellford Memorial Hospital Foundation – $5,000

“Your gift will be used to support the purchase of new surgical lights for the hospital’s Operating Room.” (John Russell, Executive Director, CMHF)


Friends of Presquile – $1,000

“We are grateful for the generosity of the Brian Todd Memorial Community Fund. Your support will help us to offer the opportunity for one hundred children to spend part of their summer exploring the region’s unique cultural and natural history via a number of engaging outdoor activities at Presquile Provincial Park.” (Janine McClintock, Chair Education and Interpretation Committee)

St. Paul’s Anglican Church – $2,000

This grant was used to purchase an automated external defibrillator (AED) for the much-used Parish Hall.


Brighton Auxiliary Rescue Unit – $1,500

This grant supported the purchase of an aircraft-style radio headset. This equipment “provides a direct benefit in terms of increased safety and better response capability when BARU is tasked on search and rescue missions on the waters of Lake Ontario.” (Peter McCann, Director, BARU Unit # 515)


Trenton Memorial Hospital Foundation – $6,000

This grant was used to purchase an ureteroscope for the hospital’s Cystoscopy Clinic.


Presquile Point Lighthouse Preservation Society – $5,000

This grant was used to support the Pilot Conservation Study that will determine the extent of the restoration work required to return the 176 year old Presquile Point Lighthouse to its original condition.

Lighthouse - Old Corrected - Cropped

Victorian Order of Nurses – $3,500

“Your gift will help us provide a variety of community support programs , allowing seniors to maintain their health and independence.” ( Lynne Heaney, Chair VON)

Trinity-St. Andrews United Church – Supper’s Ready Program – $6,295


This grant was used to purchase a new commercial dishwasher for the church’s community hall kitchen, which produces meals for Meals on Wheels and other food security programs. One in particular, Supper’s Ready, provides free hot meals every Wednesday to as many as 100 local residents. “The new dishwasher is a wonderful addition for volunteers”, says organizer Kim Demarais. “Volunteers are able to get home earlier now.”

Quinte Youth Unlimited ( Beacon Youth Centre) – $4,000

The youth centre was given “a new look” and “brought up to snuff” with this renovation grant. (Rene Schmidt, Beacon Youth Centre Secretary)

beacon 2

Brighton Minor Soccer – $1,000

This grant was used to purchase bleachers for the Under 4 soccer field. This addition allows parents to watch comfortably as their youngsters develop soccer skills.

Sunny Days Group Program – $2,500

This grant was made to support incremental recreational activities for the special needs residents served by this organization.

sunny dayus

Municipality of Brighton – Electronic Noticeboard – $6,168

In partnership with Brighton Lions and the Brighton KIN Club, a digital noticeboard was erected in front of the King Edward park Community Centre. “This will promote all things Brighton and local events, and not just what’s going on at the arena.” (Allan Simpson, KIN Club representative)

Our community partners make work safer with new addition outside arena

YMCA – $30,000

This was the fourth instalment of a five year commitment to support the Brighton YMCA in its ongoing sustainability initiatives.


$70,383 in grants awarded

Bridge Hospice – $2,800

“I am delighted to report that the funds have been put to good use toward the renovation of our medical storage room. We are truly grateful for the assistance to help us address this critical issue.” (Craig Kerr, Hospice Board Secretary)


Community Care – $2,000

This grant reflected the continuing support of the Brian Todd Memorial Community Fund for this organization’s Meals on Wheels Program.

community care

Campbellford Hospital Memorial Foundation – $2,800

“Your gift will support the purchase of a Nocospray Disinfection System. It will help us enhance the care and comfort of those who matter the most to us, our patients.” (John Russell, Executive Director, CMHF)

Friends of Presquile – $800

This grant was awarded to support the operating costs of the Kids ‘n Nature Program.

kids in nature

St. Paul’s Anglican Church – $2,000

This grant supported the renovation of the washrooms in Parish Hall, a room that is used by many local community support organizations.

st pauls

Brighton Soccer Club – $500

This grant was used to purchase permanent goals for the new Under 4 Division Program.

Victorian Order of Nurses – $2,000

“Your gift will help us provide a variety of community support programs , allowing seniors to maintain their health and independence.” (Lynne Heaney, Chair VON)

Save Our Heritage Organization – $1,000

This grant was used to support SOHO’s Exterior Renovation Project, with its objective being to “maintain the building’s period woodwork and prevent structural damage.”


Brighton Auxiliary Rescue Unit – $ 1,000

“Our thanks goes out to the Brian Todd Memorial Community Fund for this generous grant. It will be used to purchase audio-visual equipment for use in our community boating safety presentations”. (Peter McCann, Deputy Unit Leader, BARU #515)

Trenton Memorial Hospital Foundation – $5,000

This grant was awarded to support TMH’s “Future Fund,”established to address required “re-purposing” renovations of floor space.

YMCA – $30,000

This was the third instalment of a five year commitment to support the Brighton YMCA in its ongoing sustainability initiatives.


Municipality of Brighton – $20,000

This grant was awarded to support the Municipality’s plan to complete the Butler Creek Trail. (This grant will not be disbursed until such time as the trail extension work commences).

Ontario Early Years Centre – $483

New toys were purchased to support the daily program for newborns and toddlers located at the Brighton Health Services Centre.


$55,000 in grants awarded

The Bridge Hospice (Warkworth) – $ 500

This grant was made to help this organization to raise the awareness in the community of its important end of life care to Brighton and area residents. “This funding will assist us with our communications project. The directors, volunteers and staff are most appreciative of this grant.” (Dr. Bob Henderson, Chair)

DSC_1104-001 Hospice 2

Victorian Order of Nurses – $1,000

To support the Brighton Adult Day Program for Brighton clients looking for group social and recreation programs and therapeutic activities in a comfortable and safe environment.


Sunny Days Group – $2,500

This grant was made to support this organization’s expansion into a year-round support program for the community’s residents with special needs.

Trenton Memorial Hospital Foundation – $5,000

To support the purchase of equipment for TMH’s cystoscopy clinic.

Community Care Northumberland – $2,000

“On behalf of Community Care Northumberland’s Brighton office, please accept our deepest appreciation for once again awarding us with a grant helping us to continue to offer fresh, nutritious Meals on Wheels to those in our community who need help the most.” (Leiann Peart, Program Coordinator, CCN)

Supper’s Ready – $2,000

pic2 (2)

To support a program that offers a free weekly home-cooked meal for residents experiencing financial difficulties or who live alone and are seeking an opportunity for social interaction. “This grant will go a long way in helping us provide nutritious weekly dinners to those to whom a hot meal is a blessing.” (Kimberly Kirkness Desmarais , Treasurer, Supper’s Ready)

Brighton Soccer Club – $500

To support the implementation of the Long Term Player Development Initiative, through the purchase of smaller soccer nets for increased participation of younger players.

Codrington Community Association – $1,000

To support the cooking classes for youth and seniors.

Friends of Presqui’le – $500

To support the Kids ‘N Nature Summer Camp Program.


YMCA – $30,000

This was the second instalment of a five year commitment to support the Brighton YMCA in its ongoing sustainability initiatives.

ENSS Terry Fox Campaign – $10,000


(On the occasion of re-naming the grant program to the Brian Todd Memorial Community Fund) To boost the school’s overall fundraising for cancer research beyond the $1,000,000 level since it launched its nationally-recognized annual fundraising project 34 years ago. “We’d like to think that the first $5,000 got you to the million dollar mark, and you’ve got $5,000 to get you started on the next million”. (Bruce Davis, Treasurer, BTMCF)


$45,200 in grants awarded

YMCA – $30,000

This grant was made in recognition of the importance of the YMCA to the Brighton community, and will be used by the YMCA in its ongoing efforts to reach financial sustainability. “As landlords, we value the YMCA’s tenancy. As Brightonians, we value the services that the Y provides to hundreds of members of our community”. (Bruce Davis, BHSC Treasurer)

Brighton Soccer Club – $1,000

To be used for the purchase of soccer balls to support the Long Term Player Development Program, as well as a number of first aid kits to support health and safety during league play.

Codrington Community Association – $1,000

This grant supported the expansion of the highly successful cooking classes introduced in 2013, and also to pilot other recreational activities, such as dancing and singing classes for young children (YMCA – instructed)

 Brighton and District Figure Skating Club – $1,000

This grant was used to support a summer exercise/training program targeted at adults and children who want to learn to skate.

Trenton Memorial Hospital Foundation – $2,500

Recognizing the importance of the Trenton hospital to Brighton residents, this grant was made to support the Foundation’s endless mission to provide necessary medical equipment. “ Thanks to you, we are purchasing a new urethroscope for our operating room, which will help reduce waiting times for people needing painful kidney stones removed.” (Wendy Warner, Executive Director, TMH Foundation)


Victoria Order of Nurses – $800

This grant was used to purchase a replacement television that supports the training and instructional activities provided to local volunteers who provide respite to caregivers in the community.

Community Care Northumberland – Meals on Wheels Program – $2,000

This grant supports this popular and necessary program that ensures that shut-in clients receive hot nutritious food on a regular basis.


Skate Canada – $1,500

To support the purchase of ice time and registration subsidies that enable promising skaters to develop their figure skating skills.

St. Paul’s Anglican Church – $1,900

To offset renovation costs related to accessibility and energy efficiency for the widely used Parish Hall.

Sunny Day’s Group – $2,000

To support this group that provides recreational and interactional activities for special needs youth in a Summer Camp venue.

sunny 2

Friends of Presqu’ile Park – $1,500

To support the ongoing and successful Summer Camp Program that teaches youth about the rich environment around them.


$15,000 in grants awarded

Brighton Lions Club – Eye Exam Lane – $1,000

Working with Quinte Health Care, the Brighton Lions raised funds to purchase a critical piece of equipment for the Ophthalmology Department. An Eye Exam Lane is used to detect cataracts, glaucoma retinal detachment, and other adverse conditions of the eye.

Codrington Community Association – Healthy Cooking Initiative – $1,000

This grant was used to run a series of cooking classes for teens and single adults, and was taught by an accredited Cooking Instructor.

Brighton Fare Share Food Bank – $1,000

“Your grant will be used to buy the food items that are not donated, and to offset the costs that are incurred to provide service , such as rent, heat, hydro, etc. Your gift will make a difference in the lives of many families in Brighton.” (Doug Askin, Treasurer)

Community Care – $5,000

“The programs and services you have supported help to maintain and enhance the day to day lives of people in our community who are striving to keep and maintain their independence.” (Mary Wilkes, Program Assistant)

Brighton Minor Hockey – $500

This grant enabled several youth to participate in organized hockey where they might otherwise have not had the financial ability to do so.

Brighton Minor Soccer – $500

This grant enabled several youth to participate in organized soccer where they might otherwise have not had the financial ability to do so.


Victoria Order of Nurses $1,000

This grant assisted VON in providing its assortment of health and community support programs. It was targeted specifically at its activities in support of local residents who suffer from Alzheimers.

St. Paul’s Anglican Church – Parish Hall Improvements – $5,000

This grant supported the installation of accessibility ramps to meet new standards; improvements to hall lighting and the acquisition of new tables and warming oven to meet the needs of many community groups that use this facility year round.


$15,000 in grants awarded

Skate Canada – training programs – $3,000

This grant was used to assist the Brighton club with their winter training program, including ice fees, coaching and off-ice training activities.

Community Care – Meals on Wheels Program – $5,000

This grant supported the cost of a new warming oven, new pots and delivery baskets for the more than 6,000 meals provided to by the Meals on Wheels, Adult Day Care, and Dining for Seniors Programs.

Trinity-St. Andrews United Church – Community Hall furnishings – $4,000

The hall is used for many community programs, including Meals on Wheels, Dining for Seniors lunches, Christmas hamper project, and many more. “When we moved into our hall, it was very evident that we needed new furnishings – tables and chairs – to effectively provide our services to the community. This represents true health care.” (Brian Ostrander, member Church Fundraising Committee)

Friends of Presqu’ile – Kids ‘N Nature Program – $3,000


With support received through an initial grant in 2011, the Friends were able to successfully run a Summer Day Camp that saw children aged 8 to 11 enjoy an outdoor educational experience , learning from an environmental curriculum delivered by an accredited teacher/naturalist. With this grant, the goal was to increase camp enrolment to 40 (20 per week)


$14,860 in grants awarded

 Trinity-St. Andrews Church – Community Hall Project – $5,000

This new hall will provide improved facilities for several community-based programs and activities that service the elderly and disadvantaged citizens of Brighton. “The generosity of the Brighton Health Services Centre takes us that much closer to fulfilling our dream of providing a welcoming facility for all Brighton residents to enjoy.” (Brian Ostrander, member Church Fundraising Committee)

Ontario Early Years Centre – Sandparents Program – $4,860

Sandparents is a proven early literacy program that matches senior volunteers with a young child in a safe, family-friendly environment. The program allows seniors to fully participate in the fun, imaginative world of a young child.

Friends of Presqu’ile Park – Kids ‘N Nature Program – $2,000


This grant was used to cover part of the costs of delivering two one-week summer camps in Presqu’ile Park. “ These camps are designed to get kids involved in learning about biodiversity and the importance of the environment.” (Craig Kerr, Chair, Friends of Presqu’ile Park)

Brighton FUTURE Committee – physician recruitment – $1,000

This grant was made to support a fund to be used to defray a young doctor’s medical school debt, acting as an inducement for a new doctor to set up practice in Brighton. “ This BHSC grant gets us that much closer to reaching our fundraising goal , and in so doing, improves our chances of attracting doctors that we so desperately need in our community.” (Hugh McDonald, member FUTURE Committee)

Brighton YMCA – membership subsidies – $2,000

“This long-standing nation-wide subsidization program allows membership to become affordable to those members of the Brighton community who are on a limited income. Those participating in the financial assistance program will be able to experience the benefits of improved health and well-being as a result of increased daily activity.” (Eunice Kirkpatrick, YMCA Membership Manager)


$13,800 in grants awarded

Brighton Curling Club – portable defibrillator – $2,300

“A majority of our members are seniors, and the risk of heart attack is somewhat higher for this age group…..the presence of one of these units adds an increased level of safety.” (Don Godden, Club President)

Brighton YMCA – Strong Kids Campaign – $5,000

“Your donation to our YMCA Strong Kids Campaign helps provide financial assistance to members of the Brighton community to become a part of the Brighton YMCA…..The funds you have contributed are used to help subsidize fees, making a membership affordable to families and individuals who are on a limited income.” (Jim Douglas, Chair, YMCA Enhancement Committee)

Northumberland United Way – $1,000

With this contribution, the Directors of the BHSC awarded this grant to encourage the Brighton community to support the United Way, an organization that supports hundreds of Brighton individuals through its many partner agencies, including Red Cross, Community Living, Brighton Food Bank, VON and many others.

ENSS Track Project – $5,000

This grant supported the construction of a modern outdoor track and soccer facility. It provides enormous opportunities for Brighton residents, most notably its youth, to participate in fitness and wellness activities. Note: In September, 2015, the track was dedicated to and named after two outstanding community volunteers – Claude Thompson and Brian Todd.

Ontario Early Years Centre – toys and books – $500

A pipe leak damaged several books and toys. Replacements were well received by the children and by the Centre’s Coordinator, Carla Pound.


$10,757 in grants awarded

Victoria Order of Nurses: Seniors Maintaining Active Roles Together (SMART) – $3,820

“This program helps seniors exercise in groups or in their own homes with one-on-one trained volunteers” (Patti Potter, VON Volunteer Services Manager)


Brighton Family Health Team – $2,137

This grant was used to purchase a floor sweeper to assure an ongoing clean and healthy working environment.

Community Care – Meals on Wheels Program – $3,000

Meals on Wheels

Hospice Northumberland – $1,800

This grant was used to purchase palliative care and bereavement training materials for volunteers


$10,000 in grants awarded

YMCA – $10,000

In recognition of the YMCA’s fifth anniversary in Brighton, an unconditional $10,000 grant was awarded.

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